We prefer to partner with our clients on all projects providing a successful resolution to any challenge they are faced with. The can be from Concept to Completion or at any stage in between.


During Initial Stages of development, from initial idea we can help create a project plan to see your ideas become reality.


Our aim is to assist with the process of developing ideas by meeting with our partners in order to fulfill their project goals.


Through interactive relationships with partners we facilitate the designs of their goals using software to create the concepts which can be agreed upon to ensure goals are met.


Our company is partnered with fabrication facilities, machine shops, mechanical shops, composite specialists, and even colleges to use every form of equipment to create our partners concepts.

About GreenBerg

GreenBerg Industrial Solutions.

GreenBerg Industrial Solutions has been around for 10 years working in Western Canada primarily with some international based customer contracts. GBI was started by Steven Dale Berg in an effort to provide an alternative to customers who were stuck in doing things “The same way they have always done it.” The value add of each partnership allows the payment of the project to be made after success is achieved.


Our Services

Some of the services we offer include:

1. Engineering Certifications for Overhead and Pressure Equipment
2. Design Verifications for proof of concept
3 .Equipment Evaluations
4. Training for Transportation
5. National Safety Code Auditing and Monitoring of companies
6. New Build design of all Oilfield Equipment
7. Manufacturing Optimization
8. Industrial/Mechanical Solutions for any industry
9. Environmental Remediation Plans
10. Frac Water Management Plans